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"Old Mervin", and it's original Post Office, was moved eastwards approximately three miles across the Turtle River close to where the current location of the Village of Mervin is located today.  Nothing remains of the original "Old Mervin" site, but many locals remember hearing stories about this iconic stopping place, post office and thereby distribution point for homesteaders in the area.  The Village still has a post office, grocery store, motel, restaurant, and multiple recreational facilities for residents and visitors to visit.


In 1912 the Rural Municipality of Mervin No. 499 was established that surrounds the existing Village of Mervin, and the implementation of these government organizations and systems paved the way for the community up until today. Today, the RM of Mervin encloses both Turtle Lake and Brightsand Lake and most of the communities adjacent to the lakes.  For more information regarding fire bans, development, or the history of the RM of Mervin, please follow the link above that will provide additional information regarding the region.

Within the RM of Mervin, adjacent to the Town of Turtleford is the Riverside Health Complex that is operated by North Saskatchewan River Municipal Health Holdings.  The Village of Mervin has the opportunity to only be located 10 km away from the Health Complex that provides 24-hour Emergency Services, outpatient services, x-ray and lab facilities, and a few palliative care facilities.  North Saskatchewan River Municipal Health Holdings provides a unique service for the region within and surrounding the RM of Mervin by collaborating with the Village of Edam, the Town of St. Walburg to provide competitive salaries to physicians in order to provide appropriate medical care in rural Saskatchewan.  The Village is also covered by ground and air ambulance services that can respond to medical emergencies. 


The Village of Mervin is located on Highway 26, and has approximately 230 full-time residents. This sleepy community, complete with a downtown commercial district and a 9-hole Golf Course.  The community is also only 30 minutes away from Turtle Lake and Brightsand Lake both renowned for its beautiful landscapes and plentiful fishing. 

The Village of Mervin has a long history within in this area, which can be traced back to 1908 when the original Old Mervin Post Office was opened by Archibald Gemmell.  The homesteading growth of the Mervin-Turtleford area was solidified when the CN rail line was constructed in 1913 and officially opened by Canadian National Railways in July 1914.   

The Town of Turtleford is located 9 km north of the Village of Mervin and is the largest community within the RM of Mervin No. 499.  Turtleford is a main economic hub in the region, unless one travels to the neighbouring Cities of Lloydminster (96 km west) and North Battleford (81 km south). Turtleford sports a variety of recreational facilities, public parks, educational facilities that serve the residents and businesses of the Village of Mervin.  Follow the link above for the Town website and find more information regarding the Town of Turtleford. 

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